Hard Lesson

New release coming next week!

Rock star Dev Lachlan loves the ladies and, even better? The ladies love him. He’s got it all. Money pouring in, and a super hot band on the rise. Everything is coming up roses and he’s all about paying it forward. So when his best friend and bandmate’s younger sister asks him for a favor, he doesn’t hesitate. Until he realizes what she’s asking for. She wants him to teach her how to bring a man to his knees. He wants to show her—damn, does he want to show her—but something tells him one taste of Cheri won’t be enough. But more would surely tear the band apart…

Cheri Galveston has loved Dev since the day he taught her how to ride a bike fifteen years ago. He was a great teacher then, and she can only hope he’s an even better one now. She can’t bring herself to be with anyone else and, just maybe, if she can get rid of this pesky virginity with him, she can move on and find a man who appreciates her. But will having Dev finally set her free, or has she just jumped from the pan into the fire?

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