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New Release coming this week: Breaking Colt (Capestrana Crime Family)

Colt Capestrana

Now that the Ruffino crime family has been ground into dust, it’s time to take the Capestrana’s to the next level. And we’re going to do it right. No unwilling girls or virgin auctions. We’re talking a high-class, sweet-ass underground sex club. Job number one? Find some beautiful exotic dancers to draw in the fat cats. I was looking forward to the research when fate took over. One dancer. One audition. And she rocked my world. Could it really be this easy?

Bella Ruffino

I was finally home. Shipped off to boarding school at the age of nine, I’d made a great life for myself in France, but I was more than ready to step back into the Ruffino fold. Only now, there is no fold. Because my father was murdered in cold blood and my baby brother is doing hard time in prison…all because of the Capestrana family. So now, I’m coming for them, and I’m going to get ’em where it hurts. Right in the family jewel. Colt Capestrana won’t know what hit him.

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