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During her time on the werewolf squad, ex-cop Marley Philips almost died in the line of duty. The new plan now that she’s taken early retirement? Drink to forget, and cut herself off from the rest of the world. It’s working pretty well until a werewolf she put behind bars a few years back shows up at her door. Only he doesn’t want revenge. He wants her help finding his missing girlfriend, Lovely. When circumstances drag Marley back into the life she so desperately tried to leave behind, she finds that she isn’t the only one hunting for the missing Lovely. Three werewolf males are also trying to find her, each one sexier and more lethal than the last. Can Marley save Lovely before it’s too late? And, more importantly, can she save her own heart from being obliterated by the three alpha males hellbent on mixing business with pleasure?

#paranormalromance #reverseharem #kindleunlimited #books

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